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Regularisation charges for unapproved plots slashed


Posted on : 13/Oct/2017 10:06:10

The state government of Tamil Nadu has announced a new plan for regularizing the plots of land with an objective that it should benefit the poor or the economically weaker sections of the society.

A cabinet meeting was conducted and during this meeting, this new scheme was announced by the state government. A new plan has been devised for regularizing all the unapproved plots. According to this new plan, an extension of time has been given to regularize the unapproved plots instead of the earlier announced period of 6 months time has been revised to 1 year, up to 3rd May 2018.

Based on the plots that are already sold, the prevailing system of dividing the plots into 3 categories has been cancelled. The plots which were marked without approval will be deemed as they and regularization will be done accordingly.

In the unapproved plots of land, if one plot has been sold, it will be regularized. The roads in the area of the plots will be regularized as laid out.

10% of the unsold plot land should be donated to the local administration. The rules have been relaxed to accommodate regularization of the OSR (Open Space Reservation area), whatever be the total area. In order to regularize the plots bought by individuals, the OSR regulations are being relaxed.

As regards the Chennai Metro, the plots sold in the period from 5th August 1975 to 20th October 2016 will be deemed as regularized.

For the other areas, plots bought from 29th November 1972 to 20th October 2016 will be deemed as regularized. For other cities apart from Chennai, the plots sold from 1st January 1980 to 20th October 2016 will be deemed as regularized.

Naturally, the plots bought/sold before the above-specified dates, will be deemed as regularized. The development or growth rate is being reduced from Rs. 600 to Rs. 500 for the areas under Corporations. The regularization charges for these areas are fixed at Rs. 100. 

For the city municipal administration Grade 1 and Grade 2, the development rate is fixed at Rs. 150 and the regularization charges are fixed at Rs. 60. Special municipality status and selection status, the development rate is fixed at Rs. 250 and regularization charges, at Rs. 60.For city administrations, the development rate is reduced as Rs. 75 and the regularization charge, at 30. For the village administrations, the development rate is reduced to Rs. 25 and the regularization charges, at Rs. 30.

Apart from the charges explained above, a special analytical inspection charge of Rs. 500 has to be paid.