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What is the difference between Metro Rail and Monorail?

Posted on: 10/Jul/2017 10:57:15 AM
Recently, the monorail project for the Chennai Metro City has been announced as a step towards reducing the traffic congestions.

There are some differences between the already partly operating Metro Rail system and the newly proposed monorail system.

Both of them run on on special elevated tracks. However, there are some differences as well.

Metro Rail is in operation in 178 Metro cities in the world. The monorail is in operation only in 20 cities, in Asia.

Metro rail moves on a double-line track just like other normal trains. However, the monorail moves on a single track.

There may be up to 9 coaches in metro trains. Monorail carries only 4 coaches.

Metro rail requires considerably large spaces for setting up. 

Monorail requires only less space and it can also operate in narrow sections (By erecting overbridge pillars).

The Metro rail can run fast like other trains. As monorail runs on a single track, its speed will depend on the prevailing wind conditions and also, due to the safety factor, will run only on medium speed.

The Metro Rail system can handle 40000 passengers in an hour. Monorail can handle only 10000 passengers in an hour.

As the train is fully air-conditioned, the metro rail fare is higher. The fare for monorail travel is less.