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Why is fish good for health?

Posted on: 22/Jun/2017 2:41:43 PM
According to a new study, one can relieve the symptoms of arthritis by eating fish twice a week. Comparing those who eat fish and those who don’t, the former had less swelling or tender joints as compared to the latter.
The study results also state that those who consumed more than 2 parts of fish weekly will have lesser suffering of rheumatoid arthritis.
According to researchers, fish oil supplements such as Omega 3 fatty acids also help in alleviating joint pain.
The researchers were keen about knowing the effect of eating whole fish. Dr Sara Tedeschi from Arthritis Care and Research, and the lead author of the study said there are a lot of health benefits associated with fish consumption. About 176 rheumatism patients from Baltimore were observed for their fish eating pattern for about a year and the quantity that they had.
Fishes containing high content of omega 3 oil were chosen. These fishes were tuna, salmon, sardines, and raw fishes like sushi and grilled or steam baked trout, sole, grouper, poke, halibut, etc. This study did not include fried fishes, as the researchers claim that the omega 3 content largely gets reduced by frying.
Among those who had fish twice a week or even more, the inflammation level in blood was substantially lesser.

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