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VIP L-2, VIP L-3 categories darshan at Tirupathi temple cancelled

Posted on: 11/Apr/2017 8:45:32 PM
There are hundreds of devotees visiting the Tirupati Lord Venkateswara temple for a darshan and offering prayers carrying recommendation letters from the executives/officer of the TTD Board (Tirumalai Tirupathi Devasthanam Board) and state government executives/officers and getting a Rs. 500 ticket under VIP darshan category.

These devotees have been categorised as Protocol devotees and VIP L-1, VIP L-2, and VIP L-3 categories and permitted to enter inside the temple for darshan.

These devotees generally have darshan between 6.30 AM to 7.30 AM.

The protocol devotees are allowed to enter from the sanctum sanctorum of the main deity to the 1st door.

A special aarthi with camphor is performed and shown to these devotees to touch and offer prayers. Divine water is distributed. Sadari is touched on the head of the devotees as a form of blessing.

However, VIP L-1 and VIP L-2 category devotees were allowed till 10 feet distance near the sanctum sanctorum of the main deity. Only aarthi was shown to these devotees.

Category VIP L-3 devotees were allowed up to a distance of 15 feet distance from the sanctum sanctorum of the main deity and allowed to have darshan.

With this VIP darshan system, there were a lot of objections and observations by the devotees. They (VIP L-2 and VIP L-3 devotees) raised the question why so much difference in darshan protocol when the ticket amount paid is the same. They complained to the TTD board about this.

They demanded when the ticket is fixed, the darshan procedure should also be fixed to be uniform. Otherwise, VIP L-2 and VIP L-3 darshan can be cancelled.

This appeal from the devotees was accepted by the TTD Board officials. During the trustees board meeting, TTD decided to cancel the category of VIP L-2 nd VIP L-3 darshan procedures.

As the additional rush of devotees is expected with the start of the summer vacation, the TTD officials announced that VIP L-2 and VIP L-3 darshan are cancelled.

Now, only protocol and VIP L-1 darshan systems are in the daily routine. No changes have been in the darshan procedure.

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