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You no more have to carry your luggage, robot suitcase is here

Posted on: 21/Oct/2016 3:52:34 PM
How many of you love your luggage and carrying its weight? Most of us, in fact all of us hate it, isnt it? For all those who hate carrying the luggage, here is a new robot suitcase that will follow you wherever you move on. The suitcase is developed in the US.

It is named Travelmate. This robot suitcase will keep following its owner at a distance of about 3 to 5 feet. This is achieved by tracking the users smartphone. It will be positioned either upright or will be laid on its side.

There have been hardly any evolution with suitcases in the past decades and innovating them is overdue, says David Near, the CEO of Travelmate Robotics, the US based company that has designed the robotic suitcase. This suitcase will be of great help for all sorts of users travelers, businessmen, and all others. The product is tested and has shown good results in testing at shopping malls, sidewalks, etc.

There is an infrared sensor that comes with the prototype sensor. This will prevent from the suitcase bumping into other objects or individuals. In case if the suitcase is above 15 feet far from the owner, there will be an alarm ringing on it and an alert will also be ringing on the smartphone.

A workaround is also being developed so that the alarm doesnt ring when getting separated from the baggage is a case of normalcy like that of airport checking point.

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