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This Chennai auto gives a mind blowing experience for the passengers!!

Posted on: 26/Sep/2023 9:36:15 AM
Tamil film goers would not have forgotten the 1995 classic Tamil film `Baasha` of superstar Rajnikanth. The film was a stupendous success at BO is well known. The role played by actor Rajinikanth as an auto driver was sensational. The film changed the outlook of many auto drivers at that time and many started driving autos.

Currently, an auto driver (fan of actor Rajinikanth) in Chennai is making many heads turn. This 41 year old Mr. Velmurugan is giving Baasha Rajinikanth vibes now. The passengers in his auto could enjoy a totally different experience. His auto has 3 fans, an LED monitor to watch YouTube videos and LED neon lights etc with a superb message `Happy Journey`. His auto has also got a free charging port, a laptop stand to work with free Wi-Fi connection from his mobile network plus a Bluetooth speaker, clock, etc.

It must be noted that 2 years back Mr. Velmurugan began decorating his auto and recently this auto became a topic for discussions for many in Chennai.

Mr. Velmurgan spoke his heart out. He spoke about how he lost driver job in the airport and how he started driving auto to make both ends meet. He added that to overcome the heat of Chennai he installed a fan inside his auto. The customers were very much impressed and they began paying him extra money. He used the money and renovated his auto with these above said electronic devices etc.  He now wants every Chennai resident to travel in his auto atleast once to get that experience.

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