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Discounted Parking Introduced for Metro Commuters Starting June 14th, 2023

Posted on: 06/Jun/2023 6:59:46 PM
In a bid to incentivize more commuters to utilize the metro train services, Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has announced the implementation of discounted parking charges, starting from June 14th, 2023 (Wednesday). This initiative aims to provide an added benefit to passengers who choose to park their vehicles at metro parking lots and travel by metro train using a travel card.

The discounted parking offer extends to passengers who park their vehicles at metro parking facilities and ride the metro train on the same day using their travel card. By offering reduced parking charges, CMRL hopes to encourage more individuals to utilize the convenience and efficiency of metro train services for their daily commute.

Additionally, CMRL has also introduced discounts on Monthly Parking Passes based on a passenger`s travel history and the number of rides taken within the last 30 days. This feature rewards frequent metro train users with further reduced parking fees, making it even more cost-effective for regular commuters to choose the metro as their preferred mode of transportation.

To obtain more detailed information regarding the discounted parking charges and related benefits, passengers are advised to reach out to the Metro Train Station Parking Staff or visit the CMRL website at https://chennaimetrorail.org/parking-tariff/. Moreover, CMRL has placed informative banners at various metro train stations, which display the relevant details and instructions pertaining to the discounted parking offer.

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