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Superb positive information about TN becoming EV capital of the world in 2 years!!

Posted on: 26/Sep/2023 9:30:12 AM
The state of TN has added one more feather to its cap now regarding the sales of EV!!

Out of a total of 10lakhs of electric vehicles or EV sold across India from January to September 2023, the state of Tamil Nadu has now accounted for 4lakhs now. This has caught the attention of many now. The sensational piece of information is that TN is slowly inching towards realising its main objective of becoming an EV hub in India.

It was brought to light by a data from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways that as many aas 1044600 EV were registered across India and out of which 414802 EV were sold till the month of September in Tamil Nadu. 

As per an official release it was clear that the sales were a significant record and it has brought out a diverse vibrant multi-national presence. It is now said that the EV industry would become a focus sector as a huge amount of Rs 50000 crores investment would be made in this industry by 2025. About 1.5lakhs jobs would be generated in the EV industry. It is revealed that TN might become the EV capital of the world with 5 cities like Chennai, Salem, Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai chosen to be developed as EV hubs.

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