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Vegetable prices shoot up in Koyambedu! Ginger, green peas - Rs. 200/- per kg! Beans - Rs. 100/- per kg!

Posted on: 06/Jun/2023 12:54:15 PM
Due to the comparatively lesser quantities of vegetables arriving from other districts of Tamil Nadu and other states, the prices of vegetables have shot up suddenly at the Koyambedu wholesale vegetable supermarket.

Usually, 7000 tons of vegetables arrive in over 650 trucks from the other districts of Tamil Nadu State, as well as Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Maharashtra States.

However, in this situation, the quantity of vegetables arriving has suddenly reduced. As a result, ginger is being sold at Rs. 200/- per kg, green peas at Rs. 200/-, drumstick at Rs. 120/- per kg, carrot and brinjal at Rs. 70/- each, beetroot and okra at Rs. 40/-, Karamani at Rs. 50, bottle gourd at Rs. 40/-, yam at Rs. 50, flat beans at Rs. 60/-, ridge gourd at Rs. 40/-, colored capsicums at Rs. 100/-, and bitter gourd at Rs. 50/-!

In the suburban retail hops in Chennai Metro City, beans are being sold at Rs. 140/- per kg, ginger and green peas at Rs. 250/- per kg, drumstick at Rs. 150/-, lemon at Rs. 150/-, and carrot at Rs. 100/- per kg.

In this regard, the President of the Koyambedu Wholesale and Retail Traders` Association, S. S. Muthukumar, shared: "The quantity of vegetables arriving at Koyambedu has reduced. As a result, vegetable prices have increased. This trend may continue for a month!"

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