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Important things to know regarding low sperm count in males!!

Posted on: 30/May/2023 9:14:28 AM
One issue that most men would feel shy or embarrassed to talk with others is their low sperm count issue. In India, men in their early 30s have low sperm count. Yes, it`s true. Point is that social, economic and psychological reasons have led to this low sperm count issue in males.  It has been brought to light that men who have less than 15million sperm per millilitre of semen have low sperm count.

Also known as oligozoospermia, this low sperm count and poor sperm quality are the major factors that have been leading to infertility in males.

Various reasons for low sperm count in males are


It must be noted that in some men there would be swelling of their veins that drains their testicles. This would affect their sperm quality to a huge level.


Sometimes, some infections in men would affect their sperm health and this could lead to scarring. By this, the sperms would be prevented from passing through. Inflammation of testicles or HIV etc could lead to scarring issues.

Hormonal issues:

The production of sperms would get affected by some hormonal imbalances and due to alterations in the thyroid and adrenal glands etc.

Issue with ejaculation:

Sperm count would get hampered by various health issues like retrograde ejaculation or lack of ejaculation etc. Erectile dysfunction can also lead to poor sperm count in males.

Lifestyle factors:

Both the quality as well as the quantity of sperms would get affected when a male consumes alcohol or due to smoking etc. Lower levels of sperm production could also be due to stress,  obesity etc.

Ways to increase sperm count:

It is very important to do exercise regularly as it would help in improving the testosterone levels and enhancing fertility etc. The sperm quality could be boosted by quitting smoking and alcohol plus by keeping weight under control etc.

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