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A memorable day in the lives of the conservancy workers - Superb thanks giving effort by Chennai residents!!

Posted on: 06/Oct/2023 9:12:57 AM
It is not often that conservancy workers go to a restaurant to have food.

Many conservancy workers would not forget Thursday. 5th October 2023. It was a memorable day for them.

As many as 100 conservancy workers enjoyed lunch yesterday and the food was sponsored by the AGS Colony Residents Welfare Association.

It was mentioned by the secretary of RWA Geetha Ganesh that round the year the conservancy workers keep the roads clean, protect the public from health issues etc. She added that it was a token of appreciation for the conservancy workers. An amount of Rs 19500 was spent for the lunch for the conservancy workers.

It is worthy to note that RWA has gone one step further and they have made life easy for the workers by segregating the waste they collect.

The secretary spoke about how the conservancy workers used to pick and separate food waste, sanitary napkins with bare hands. She concluded that segregating the waste into dry waste and hazardous waste was equivalent to ensuring the dignity of labour. It is learnt that GCC officers and other Urbaser Sumeet staff etc took part in the lunch. It must be noted that segregation is an important step in the waste management process to address the consequences of urbanisation.