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100% lockdown extended for 1 more week!

Posted on: 28/May/2021 9:59:51 PM
The prevailing 100% lockdown imposition has been extended in the State of Tamil Nadu by 1 more week until 7th June!

100% lockdown without any relaxations was imposed in Tamil Nadu on 24th May! This lockdown was scheduled to conclude at 6.00 AM on Monday 31st May (Monday).

However, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has announced that as a preventive measure against the raging resurgent spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the lockdown conditions are extended by another week until 6.00 AM on 7th June!

In a notification released by the State Government of Tamil Nadu in this regard, it is mentioned:

“To ensure the availability of essential items/commodities for the public, the services of the mobile vegetable shops will continue to function as per the existing arrangements.

Further, with the requisite permission from the local administration, the local shops can visit the residential areas on vehicles/mobile carts/cycles and sell groceries/vegetables from7.00 AM until 6.00 PM.

Further, items ordered online will be allowed to be delivered from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Apart from this, to reduce the hardships faced by the public, a package of groceries containing 13 essential items will be given to all the Rice-ration-card holders from June through the Fair Price Shops as an order to this effect has been issued to the Cooperatives & Consumers Department.”

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