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Special Makkalai Thedi Mayor (Chennai Metro City Mayor seeking the public) at Ambattur Zone on 6th October!

Posted on: 04/Oct/2023 11:24:40 AM
A special `Makkalai Thedi Mayor` Program is scheduled to be organized in the Chennai Metro City Ambattur Zone on the 6th of October.

Residents in this zone have been appealed to submit their requirements or grievances in person to the Chennai Metro City Mayor.

The `Makkalai Thedi Mayor` special program (Chennai Metro City Mayor seeking Chennai citizens to hear their grievances) was launched on the 3rd of May at Royapuram, Chennai, to personally seek the grievances of the Chennai Metro Citizens and solve them immediately.

Subsequently, this program was organized in Thiru. Vi. Ka. Nagar, Adyar, and Thiruvotriyur, where complaints and grievances were received from these citizens, and actions were initiated to solve them.

As a continuation of this project, Chennai Metro City Mayor R. Priya is scheduled to conduct the `Makkalai Thedi Mayor` program in the Ambattur Zone, covering Korattur Tamil Nadu Housing Board Residential Complex, to receive complaints/grievances directly from the residents on the 6th of October (Friday).

Chennai Metro City Mayor R. Priya will receive petitions from the resident citizens at Swathi Palace in Korattur from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM on the 6th of October.

Invitations have been extended to the residents to avail themselves of this opportunity to personally submit petitions regarding roads, rainwater drainage, street lights, toilet facilities, birth and death certificates, Property Tax, Professional Tax, Garbage removal, unauthorized occupation removal, maintenance of parks & playgrounds, etc.