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Vandalur Zoo Reopens its Gates After Cyclone Mikjam-Induced Closure

Posted on: 08/Dec/2023 9:58:05 AM
Vandalur Zoo, which had been temporarily closed due to the aftermath of Cyclone Mikjam, is set to reopen its gates to the public today. The closure was necessitated by heavy rains that led to the collapse of sections of the surrounding wall at four different points, causing rainwater to inundate the Vandalur-Kelampakkam road and enter the zoo premises.

The extensive flooding within the zoo resulted in the uprooting of 30 trees, prompting the authorities to undertake comprehensive maintenance and repair work over the past two days. The management of Vandalur Zoo had initially declared the closure to facilitate these essential repairs.

With the completion of the maintenance efforts, the administration is pleased to announce the reopening of Vandalur Zoo to the public, effective immediately. Visitors can once again enjoy the diverse array of wildlife and attractions the zoo has to offer.