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Election Commission examining extension of voting time by 1 hour?

Posted on: 11/Mar/2014 4:56:02 PM
Parliamentary Elections are scheduled to be conducted in 5 stages from 7th April to 12th May. Activities for smooth, safe, and trouble-free voting are under full swing.  

71.30 Crore of people participated in the last general election. The voter count has increased to 81.40 Crore. This has necessitated an increase in the number of voting booths.

Plans are being made to improve the facilities for the voters coming to the voting booths. Long waiting in the voting queue should be reduced. Public should be able to come, vote and return without any fear of safety.

People have shown interest in voting. During the 5 assembly elections for the 5 states in the end of last year, voting percentage increased against expectation. People waited in the queue up to 8 PM in the night to vote.

There is an increased awareness among the public on the importance of voting. SO, an increase in voter turn-out is strongly expected. Among the new young voters of 10 Crore, it can be expected that 99% will vote.

With the increase in the voters list, the voting time also will require to be raised. Also, Summer will be most severe during April & May. Most of the voters will come to vote in the afternoons.

Considering the above factors, Election Commission Officials are examining the prospects of increasing the voting hours.The normal voting hours are between 8 Am & 5 PM.For the North-east region and hilly regions, the timings are between 7 AM & 4 PM.

It is likely that the voting hours will be extended from 7 PM to 5 PM in all regions.This will provide for 10 hours of voting which might be just sufficient.The announcement is expected in 1 or 2 days.

Further, the voters who turned out before 5 PM and waited will all be allowed to vote.Hence the three is an expected increase in the voter turn-out.