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Special Buses to be operated for the weekend and the wedding auspicious day this week!

Posted on: 07/Jul/2023 12:29:57 PM
Today (Friday, 7th July) being an auspicious day for weddings and the start of the weekend, the Tamil Nadu State Transport Organizations have announced the operation of 800 special buses.

In a notification released regarding this, it is mentioned:

"Today, being the start of the weekend and an auspicious day for weddings, it is expected that a large number of citizens will be traveling with their families. In view of this, the Tamil Nadu State Transport Organizations have decided to operate additional special buses, in addition to the regular ones, not only from Chennai Metro City but also from various other places in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Accordingly, 400 special buses will be operated today (Friday, 7th July) from Chennai Metro City to other important places, and an additional 400 buses will be operated from Madurai, Coimbatore, Thirunelveli, Trichy, and Salem.

Furthermore, arrangements have been made to operate additional special buses from all important locations to facilitate the return trip of the traveling citizens and their families to Chennai Metro City and Bangalore, etc.

So far, over 25,625 passengers have booked tickets for weekend travel. The required number of officials have already been posted in the Bus Terminals to monitor the operation of these special buses!"

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