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GCC Commissioners Action Against Garbage Dumping near Power Junction Boxes!

Posted on: 07/Jul/2023 12:54:46 PM
The Commissioner of the Greater Chennai Corporation, J. Radhakrishnan, has emphasized that the Corporation officials must take immediate legal action against those who dump garbage very near electric power junction boxes.

Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan undertook an inspection of the Rainwater Drain System Installation at Arya Gowda Road in the Kodambakkam Zone of Chennai Metro City on May 25th and ordered for the project to be completed early.

Approach Road:

The project of laying new roads in Chennai Metro City is in progress, and the GCC Commissioner personally monitored the progress.

Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan also undertook an inspection of the new road being laid beside the Duraiswamy Road subway in Theagaraya Nagar, particularly the excavation work of the upper layer of the existing road.

Commissioner removes garbage!

During the inspection, the commissioner noticed garbage dumped near the electric power junction box and ordered the garbage to be removed. The commissioner himself joined in the removal of the dumped garbage!

The Commissioner has ordered the officials to take prompt legal action and impose penalties on those who dump garbage near electric power junction boxes and at important junctions.

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