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What happened suddenly to the daily conservation operations in Chennai now?

Posted on: 29/May/2023 9:16:05 AM
The steady increase in the vacancies have led to the shortage of the conservancy workers now in Chennai to carry out the conservancy activities. As a result, day to day conservancy activities in the Chennai city have been affected.

The GCC is now looking for outsourcing the day to day activities as there are many complaints now regarding the conservancy works. It was later highlighted by the chief engineer of GCC Mr. N. Mahesan that more number of conservancy workers would be retiring in another 2 months and GCC would be planning to outsource its operations in 2 more zones like Royapuram and Thiru Vi Ka Nagar etc in another 6 months.

It is worthy to note that the conservancy works in 11 zones out of total 15 zones of GCC have been outsourced already. He concluded that GCC would be trying to improve the mechanism of the conservancy operations.

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