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No end near- Chennai 2nd the hottest city in TN - Continuation of this scorching heat in June also!!

Posted on: 29/May/2023 9:13:49 AM
It Seems that the blistering heat would be there in the month of June and would also be troubling many especially over the coastal and in the interior districts in Tamil Nadu. Last year in 2022 there was intense rainfall in TN in the month of June and now it is revealed that there won;t be intense rainfall next month. On 4th June, the south west monsoon is likely to begin .

In the middle of June, a few isolated places in the state of TN might get rainfall with thunderstorm activity also. The wind flow pattern towards TN has changed now due to the recent cyclone Mocha over the south east Bay of Bengal.

Information is that the rise in the temperatures would continue for the next few days as there would be change in the wind pattern. In addition, there would be a delay in the  sea breeze in the coastal districts of TN. The temperatures would be around 39 to 40 degrees Celius. This was mentioned by Dr. S. Balachandran, deputy, DDGM, RMC, Chennai. He spoke about how there has been a delay in the sea breeze in the noon  and how the temperatures shot up in Chennai and its suburbs.

On 16th May ,Mmeenambakkam recorded 42.7 degrees Celius and on 27th of May Meenambakkm recorded 41.7 degrees Celius. In the past few days, even the Nungambakkam weather station recorded around 40 degrees in the last few days is known.

As per Mr. Pradeep john, Chennai blogger, it was clear that TN is closer to AP and hot winds get pushed towards TN. Now Chennai has become the 2nd hottest city after Vellore in TN. He concluded that the maximum temp would cross 40 degrees Celsius. Point is that in 2022 even Madden Julien Oscillation played a big part in the south west monsoon with more depressions over the sea.