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Know about this sensational Sea Travelling that has been drawing a huge number of tourists in Kanniyakumari now!!

Posted on: 29/May/2023 9:11:17 AM
Travelling over the sea is always a fascinating experience for us!!

Recently, sea tourism was launched at the famous Kanniyakumari sea and it grabbed many eyeballs. This important facility is being operated by the Poompuhar Shipping Corporation.

Now, it is brought out that many tourists travel in the luxury boats from Kanniyakumari to Vattakottai

It was mentioned by the district collector Mr. Sridhar that the response was amazing from the tourists for sea travel . It must be noted that each boat would be able to accommodate 150 persons. The charge is Rs 450 per person in an air-conditioned boat and Rs 350 per person in a normal boat. For about 45 minutes, the tourists would be on the sea.

These days, many people go to Kanniyakumari to get this wonderful sea experience. The records have mentioned that in March 1.54lakhs visitors came to Kannikumari and the number went to 1.96 lakhs in April 2023.