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Good news!! Rs 2000 notes will be accepted at the petrol bunks in Chennai!!

Posted on: 25/May/2023 9:22:13 AM
Just recently, the Reserve Bank of India took many by surprise when it made an important announcement of withdrawing Rs 2000 notes from the public. This has made the people to worry is known.

Now, the Indian Petroleum Dealers Association has issued a press release. According to the release, there have been many complaints regarding accepting the Rs 2000 notes from the motorists at the petrol bunks for filling up with the fuel. The release added that the motorists who bring Rs 2000 notes must not be turned away. Instead, the motorists must be instructed to put atleast fuel worth Rs 1000. By this, the retail issue would be solved. The petrol bunk authorities have been instructed to check the KYC details of the customers who pay Rs 2000 notes cash for filling up fuel worth Rs 10000.

The dealers have been asked not to deposit more money in the banks daily than the daily sales. The dealers have been asked especially not to deposit their Rs 2000 notes. If they do, then the dealers would be subjected to scrutiny by the officials belonging to the income tax dept.