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Delay in the cylinder delivery to the houses in Chennai!!

Posted on: 20/Apr/2023 9:07:59 AM
In the past week, there was a delay of 2 to 3 days in the delivery of the domestic cylinders from Indane. As a result, many domestic consumers faced issues.

It must be taken into account that Indane removed damaged bottles from the system and this led to paucity of empty cylinders. The bottling plants have the capacity to handle more numbers is known.

The new cylinders to replace the old ones have just started to arrive and due to this there was a delay of 5 days also in some places. This was according to some distributors of Indane gas cylinders.

Indane company has been taking lots of steps to remove the damaged bottles from circulation after there were some accidents regarding cylinder bottoms bursting at 3 bottling plants in the past 6 months.This was as per a distributor in Chennai. He then spoke about how at the Ennore plant of the 200 trucks with 357 cylinders each atleast 50 to 60 trucks were not able to get refills. He concluded that the consumers have been asking many questions about the delay in the delivery of the LPG cylinders.

Not only the lack of spare cylinders but also labor issues have been slowing down the loading and unloading of cylinders. It must be noted that Indane company employ people who have given up therui lands for bottling plants though there are many contract workers available. Hikes in the rates have been demanded by some private transporters and they have refused to ply.

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