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Alert Women!! Be careful about these important signs of cancer in the ovaries, take care!!

Posted on: 16/Mar/2023 9:30:18 AM
The research studies have brought to light that one in seventy women could get cancer in their ovaries or ovarian cancer. Shocking but true!!

The ovarian cancer might begin from the ovary or from the fallopian tubes or from the inner abdominal linings etc. There are 3 types of cells present in the ovaries and when these cells become abnormal then they would divide and form tumours in the ovaries. In the initial stages, a woman might not have any signs or symptoms but after some time she could experience many symptoms causing huge discomfort for her. It is worthy to note here that the common areas in the body where the cancer could spread are lymph nodes, lungs, liver etc.

Various important symptoms of ovarian cancer in women are


After eating certain foods in her period cycle, a woman could feel bloated. This bloating feeling would go away in a few days but when it doesn`t go away then it might be a symptom of ovarian cancer. It must be noted that bloating is fluid build up in the abdomen.

Abdominal pain and pelvis pain etc:

Pain in the abdomen and pain in the pelvis are the commonly reported symptoms in women with ovarian cancer. The pain would be different for different women and the pain could range from intense pressure to cramp etc. The body parts like spine, bladder etc would feel the pressure due to the size of the tumour.

Frequent urination:

Those who have ovarian cancer would have an urgency to go to the bathrooms frequently. This is due to the sense of urgency at an increased rate.

Back pain:

Though back pain in women could be due to other reasons also, it is possible to get back pain due to cancer in the ovaries. This should not be taken lightly.

Changes in appetite:

It is true that women with ovarian cancer would show loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea and vomiting etc.

Menstrual changes:

If the period for women is not normal, then it might be due to ovarian cancer also. Women might get heavy bleeding, irregular periods and spotting blood when not on periods etc.

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