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Sudden confusion among the domestic consumers of electricity now in Chennai?

Posted on: 16/Mar/2023 9:23:32 AM
Not only linking of the Aadhaar number with electricity connections of the house owners is compulsory now, but also the linking of the Aadhaar numbers with electricity connections of the tenants also!!

In this regard, Tangedco has started to instruct the house owners who have not linked the Aadhaar number and electricity connections of the tenants. The domestic consumers are now in a state of confusion. It was found out by TneGA or Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency that many domestic consumers have linked their Aadhar as owners as well as their tenants. To validate the database, Tangedco has tasked the TneGA. This was as a part of validation of Aadhaar linked with the domestic consumer number and other subsidy availing consumer categories.

The senior officer from Tangedco mentioned that to verify the consumers status the domestic premises are being inspected now and the tenants are being instructed to link their Aadhaar number and electricity connections also. Now, many house owners are reluctant in linking the Aadhaar numbers and electricty of the tenants.

It must be noted that to collect the data only the Aadhaar linking process has been carried out. The new tenant`s Aadhar number could be linked with the electricity connections when the old tenant vacates the house through an online process.

In Madipakkam in south Chennai, a owner of 3 houses spoke about how the electricity officers visited his house and asked about the ownership details etc. He added that the officials wanted the tenants to link their own Aadhaar number instead of his Aadhaar number.