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By these effective ways, it is possible to stop Bruxism or grinding teeth when sleeping!!

Posted on: 25/Jan/2023 6:55:55 PM
Bruxism or grinding teeth while sleeping is a condition that is witnessed in many these days.

By this, the person could get various issues like headaches, TMJ disorder, pain in the jaws, pain in the teeth etc. High levels of stress or anxiety or some medication could lead to grinding of teeth. Snoring or pauses in breathing could make a person grind his or her teeth while sleeping.

The bruxism is considered to be very severe if the person has damaged tooth enamel plus it would wake up from sleep.  Persons would also have tired jaw muscles or injury inside cheek etc.

By these superb effective ways, a person could avoid bruxism or teeth grinding during the nights while sleeping.

By using a night time mouth guard:
It must be noted that constant grinding could wear down the teeth enamel and due to this there would be more chances of getting issues like cavities etc. Person with a bruxism issue could avoid teeth grinding by placing a mouth guard. 

By exercising:
It is true that bruxism could be due to stress or anxiety in a person. As a result, the tension of the person would be revealed, teeth grinding etc. By doing exercises, a person could get relief from the tension. Please take care.

Relaxing just before bed:
It is necessary that before we go to bed we must be free from tension present in the jaws. Relaxation could be obtained by taking a warm water bath or by drinking herbal caffeine less tea etc.

By massaging jaw muscles:
In some persons, jaw clenching would occur throughout the day due to tension.  To overcome this, it is a must that the person must relax the face and massage the jaw muscles. Truth is that rubbing would certainly release the tension that has been built up in the day.

By becoming more conscious about clenching:
It is worthy to note that we might grind the teeth all throughout the day but would not be aware of that. Persons with this teeth grinding issue must practise mindfulness many times in a day to be free from anxiety or stress etc. Some situations in the day could make a person grind his or her teeth and recognising these situations would help the person to come out of this issue. Bruxism can be stopped by dropping the jaw and hanging it for some time. So, please take care.

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