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Various health issues of eating curd - Is eating curd bad for our health!!

Posted on: 20/Jan/2023 5:50:57 PM
Being tasty and rich in nutrients, curd is a daily food for many. We would remain fit and active by eating curd. It must be noted that curd is a thick soft substance that is formed when milk turns sour. By consuming curd that is rich in probiotics and yeast, our digestive health would be superb plus our gut health would get regulated.

There are some fantastic health benefits which we could get by consuming curd. These are high immunity, reduced risk of infections,  good digestion, prevents premature ageing etc. Many of us eat excess amounts also without knowing the issues it could create in us.

Various side effects of intake of curd are

Unpleasant digestive issues:
It is true that by intake of curd digestive problems like belching, constipation, heartburn etc would be cured. It is worthy to mention that the harmful bacteria based probiotic issues could lead to increase in gas and bloating issues etc also. In many people, excess intake of curd would lead to constipation and increased thirst too. Those who get  issues after eating curd, must stop eating curd for some time.

Various reasons like stress, dehydration etc could cause headaches in us. Headaches could lead to lots of discomfort in us. Bitter truth is that many of us would not realise that intake of certain foods could lead to severe headaches also. For example, curd intake could lead to headaches. It is learnt that when proteins containing foods age biogenic amines get formed and these aggravate the nervous system. As a result, there could be massive increase or decrease in the blood circulation causing headaches.

Increase in allergies:
When we do not know the exact reason behind our food tolerances and allergies, then our lives would become very difficult. It must be taken into account that intake of curd could also lead to allergies in us. Probiotics are responsible for allergies in the gut and digestive system etc. It is must to read the labels of probiotic supplements such as curd etc as they could have some ingredients that would react in a bad way.

Infections increase:
Normally, it is safe to eat curd. In some people, eating curd could lead to issues. It is noteworthy that the bacteria or yeast found in the probiotics of curd could enter the blood streams and could lead to severe infections. Persons with low immune systems, those hospitalised for a long time, those who have undergone surgeries etc have greater risk of infections due to probiotics. Those with acute pancreatitis must refrain from eating curd as it would lead to death also.

Increases pain in those with arthritis:
The persons suffering from arthritis must not e eat curd as it could increase the pain in them. This could be due to the type of protein dairy products in the curd. It is well known that arthritis is a common health condition where there would be swelling in the joints creating unbearable pain. Joints, bones etc would get damaged depending on the type of arthritis.