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A New fantastic facility for the public to come up at Anna Nagar in Chennai

Posted on: 06/Dec/2022 9:18:26 AM
In the future, at the Kendriya Vidyalaya School or KV near the VR Mall on the Inner Ring road at Anna Nagar there would be a foot over bridge or FOB with escalators. This was mentioned by the state Highways department. It is learnt that the proposed FOB would consist of a 5m wide walkway across the carriageway along the 2m wide stairs and escalators and lifts on both sides of the carriageway.

An amount of Rs 10.13 crores would be spent for this purpose. Bids have been invited by the Highways dept now to construct the FOB. Due to its proximity to CMBT and Koyambedu market, there is heavy traffic congestion here and hence it was decided to construct a FOB here for the public.

According to an officer from the state Highways department it was clear that the Thirumangalam junction was around 300m from the project location. He explained that a grade separator was present at the junction but the centre median along the stretch goes on for 1.2km without any opening. It must be noted that the vehicles ply at high speeds here.

The officer then threw light on how KV School was located inside CPWD Housing Quarters and how kids as well their parents take a long route AROUND THE Koyambedu flyover to reach the school. Many school kids jump over the meridian and cross the road at the junction. In addition, people who come to the Mall cross the road leading to accidents. Every day, atleast 5 non-reported accidents take place near the school.

Point is that the public, local bodies, NGOs, traffic police personnel etc demanded a foot over bridge here. It is worthy to note that the at-grade pedestrian crossing would not be possible here as the project location is at the take off point of the grade separator.

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