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Superb news!! World class labs at the Arts and Sciences colleges in TN!!

Posted on: 06/Dec/2022 9:21:59 AM
New instruments on par with the international standards would be made available for the students studying in all the Arts and Sciences colleges across Tamil Nadu.

In the state of TN, there are now 52 government, 32 government aided and 4 affiliated Arts and Sciences colleges functioning. These colleges cater to the requirements of more than a lakh students is known. For the students who pursue physics, chemistry and biology courses, labs were established in the colleges in TN.

The equipment that is present now in the colleges has become old and outdated. This was according to a senior official belonging to the education department. He revealed that the Directorate of Collegiate Education was given the responsibility of procuring the lab equipment for all the colleges.

Various lab equipment like transistor power supply with digital display, cathode ray oscilloscope with digital display, travelling microscope, spectrometer and a microprocessor 8085 would be purchased for physics labs.

For the chemistry labs, various lab equipment such as new digital potentiometers, digital conductivity meters, digital electronic balance, electric bunsens with regulators, electrical centrifugal machines and digital photoelectric colorimeter etc would be purchased. Likewise the students of botany would get new microscopes, binocular microscopes, colorimeters and digital pH meters etc.

For zoology labs, equipment like microscopes with LED, dissection microscopes and digital balances would be procured. There is a need for more space in many science labs in the govt colleges and additional provisions for space would be according to the college requirements. It is noteworthy that other infrastructural facilities including replacement of furniture, basic lab equipment would also be done. From the next academic year, these would be available for the students.

To procure 12930 desks and benches for the students, 862 tables for the teachers and 862 ceramic blackboards for the government arts and sciences colleges, an amount of Rs 16.21 cr has been sanctioned.

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