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What is causing a huge threat to many at the Pattaravakkam railway station in Chennai?

Posted on: 06/Oct/2022 9:39:31 AM
On a walkway from the Pattaravakkam railway station, a rusty bridge with a staircase has been posing a huge threat for the commuters along the Chennai- Tiruvallur route.

It is true that the railways department has been adding several facilities for the commuters in the suburban railway stations. What is angering the commuters who board the trains at stations in the Chennai-Tiruvallur route now is that the presence of small issues like benches installed very close to one another, platforms re-laid without increasing the bench height, broken roof of platform shelters, unsafe approach roads and staircases of few of the FOB etc.

Along the side of the railway station at Pattaravakkam there are several industries present. It must be taken into account that the steel bridge that connects the railway station to the side of the station has begun to rust. Many holes have formed on the walkway and on the stairs etc.

As per a frequent commuter, more than 90 percent who use this station are employees belonging to the factories present in Ambattur Industrial Estate. He aseed that in the peak hours many use the bridge to enter and to exit from the railway station. Truth is that it poses a huge threat for many commuters now.