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DIANA tool for estimating the risk of diabetes complications in Chennai!!

Posted on: 06/Oct/2022 9:35:56 AM
Diabetes could lead to other complications like eye problems, kidney issues etc is well known.

Yesterday, Chennai based Dr Mohan`s Diabetes Specialities Centre caught the attention of many. An AI based tool was launched at this centre. It is noteworthy that by this tool the doctors would be able to estimate the risk of complications like eye or kidney disease etc in the newly diagnosed diabetics.These persons would be classified into groups such as insulin resistant or insulin deficient etc and provide them with tailor made treatments.

It must be noted that the tool Diana or DIAbetes Novel subgroup Assessment is  a part of Artificial Intelligence or AI enabled digital innovations under the hospital`s digital transformation.

It was brought out by Dr. Mohan, a senior diabetologist and chairman of Dr Mohan Diabetes Specialities Centre that digital innovations have been brought based on the experience during the Coronavirus pandemic. He added that during the pandemic it was very difficult to manage the needs of the patients. Expert medical advice would be provided for everyone round the clock by this AI powered innovations.

The superb piece of information is that this hospital launched 2 apps named Dia and Diala for the sake of patients. It must be noted that Diana is for the doctors. Various complications would be avoided and treatment outcomes would be improved with the help of these. There would be the possibility of keeping in touch with the patients anytime.

What is Dia?

Point to be noted is that Dia is a chatbot that would provide info regarding diabetes, medicines used and diet etc. With this, patients would be able to schedule appointments and it would also provide reminders for visits, lab tests and teleconsultations etc. Connection with the caregivers and patients during the emergencies would be possible.

What is Diala?

Diala or DIAbetes Lifestyle Assistant Mobile Application would track weight, count steps and diet plan adjustment. Glucose monitoring data plus helping the patients in availing the reports of tests conducted etc would be carried out by this Diala. It is learnt that this app is now available in android and soon it would be available in iOS also.