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Huge money collected from the residents as water tax by the Metro Water dept!!

Posted on: 03/Oct/2022 9:43:03 AM
An amount of Rs 480 crores has been collected as water tax by the metro water department now. This has grabbed that attention of many now. It is noteworthy that the first half of the water year came to an end on 30th of September 2022. This amount is Rs 108 crores more than the amount that was collected as water tax in the first half in 2021.

The increase in the water tax collections was mainly due to two factors and this was as per some officers belonging to CMWSSB or metro water department. One factor was the modification of consumer fees and taxes and the second factor was that some of the metro water commercial customers (who have been persistent defaulters) were sent remainders and forced to pay penalties.

It is really shocking to note that a mall in Chennai had failed to pay metro water tax for 8 successive years and the management of the mall did not respond despite many notices sent. It is worthy to note here that the metro water department had sent a letter that it had no other options except to seal the land if the mall did not pay the long pending water tax money. After receiving the notice, the management of the mall paid the entire 8 years water tax amount of Rs 125 crores.

The sensational piece of information is that this year`s water tax collection is the highest ever. An amount of Rs 155 crores was collected as water tax in September 2021 but in September 2022 the metro water dept collected Rs 168 crores.

This year, the metro water efficiency has increased by 29percent and this was according to an officer from the CMWSSB. With respect to the overall functionality of household tap connections, TN has been ranked first. This was amongst the states with up to 60percent coverage under Jal jeevan Mission.