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Sensational news!! No need to go to petrol bunks - Door delivery of fuel available!!


Posted on : 13/Oct/2021 9:11:58 AM

In the Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of us have got used to home delivery services. People find it very convenient as they need not go out of their homes to buy things. Till now, people go to petrol bunks to get petrol or diesel for their vehicles.

The news that has come out now is that diesel would also be available at the door steps of houses. Mr. Pradeep Sams RAPSAM Energy would provide door delivery of diesel. It is clear that this Madurai based start-up is the first company outside of Chennai to bring home this amazing door delivery diesel service.

Mr Pradeep spoke about this new initiative that has got tremendous prospects. He mentioned that to purchase petrol or diesel public visits petrol bunks. He hinted that this new initiative of door delivery of diesel would cater to bulk customers. For example, customers who buy fuel to run generators, operate machinery etc. He later spoke about how till now the convention has been to buy diesel in huge cans and barrels. Truth is that there are three major issues associated with this.

Firstly, transportation costs where each company would have to arrange a person for this work and arrange the diesel to be brought from the nearest petrol bunk regularly. Second one was fuel loss in spillage. Here, the fuel gets lost in spillage when it gets transferred from bunk to barrel or barrel to machinery. Third one is fuel getting stolen or theft and this issue is common for the bulk customers. It is worthy to note that mobile diesel services could provide an easy solution to these above said issues.

There are always few issues that could take place at the petrol bunks. Truth is that the quantity is less than what customers pay for or not checking for zero error or mixing of kerosene with diesel at some bunks. The main advantage of mobile diesel services or door delivery is that it would be possible to check the quality as well as the quantity of the fuel on the spot. Point to be noted is that there are government calibrated cans, hydrometers, thermometers etc fitted into the vehicle.

Mr. Pradeep threw light on how the reception was dismal in the first month of operations or August but picked up superbly later on. Important piece of information is that the company RAPSAM Energy has been delivering 2000 to 3000 litres of diesel every day to the customers.
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