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Interested in constructing a house on your plot?

Posted on: 02/Feb/2021 7:45:31 PM
It is a well-known and well-recorded fact the dream of every middle-class society person to build and own a house!

There are just 2 major issues in realising this dream!

Issue No. # 1 : The Sky-High prices prevailing in the Real Estate Sector. In case you had bought the plot 6/7 years ago, you have to consider yourself as lucky! You can become proud of yourself looking at the astronomical increase in the price of that you bought at that time!

However, for those who failed to buy a plot a few years ago as mentioned above, they need to be ready to spend multiples of the money spent at that time!

Issue No. # 2 : The escalating and oscillating prices of the essential materials of construction such as sand, gravel (jalli), cement, etc. The high price of sand varies from place to place!- The price in Chennai Metro City is different from the prices in Thirunelveli! This is applicable for the prices of bricks as well!

Apart from the above major issues, the wages for the construction staff also skyrockets!

With the status of the construction materials and related expenses explained as above and the construction business flourishing every nook and corner, the persons who desire to build their dream houses will indeed get flummoxed!

On the one side, you hear reports like, ”I am building a house exactly similar to the one my neighbour builds! However, I am disturbed to note that I tend to spend more than my neighbour!”

On the other side, you hear another kind of report, “|I started constructing mine with a plan to spend Rs. 8 Lakhs! However, it has crossed Rs. 12 Lakhs now!”

As such, spending the right extent of money in building a house seems to be a mystic secret!

Are you responding with, “Tell me what exactly it will cost to build a house of a 1000 sq. ft.? If it is to be done contract, how much should I pay?  How much should I spend if I opt for a flat? I would be indebted to anyone who answers all these questions!?”

Stop anxiety!! Here we are – with a model budget for building a house! Though the prices vary from one location to another, you have to check & confirm you are paying the right price! Our real need is honest and trustworthy promoters and builders!

Do not wait any longer! Contact us right NOW!

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