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Flipkart to commence Video App just like Amazon Prime Video!

Posted on: 06/Aug/2019 12:57:34 PM
Flipkart, which is a branch of the International Traders Walmart is all set to commence an exclusive video App.
This App would be similar to the Amazon Prime Video.

Walmart has informed that it has decided to commence this new service with the main objective of retaining its present strength of 160 million customers. In this effort, the prospective customers targeted are the villages, rural places, and smaller cities.

The main reason attributed to the entry of the Flipkart Video App is that there is an increasing trend of demand for entertainment features.

Flipkart has informed that it will focus exclusively on films, short movies, and Web-series during the 1st Phase after introduction.

It is also informed that there would be a separate option in the Flipkart for the video part and there won’t be an arrangement like getting an APP on a payment basis for this purpose.