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Campaign to create awareness of Hepatitis B virus

Posted on: 31/Jul/2011 11:40:13 PM
The Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) was discovered by Professor Blumberg 44 years ago. He developed the first Hepatitis B Vaccine two years later. Unfortunately, even now, 400 million people in the world are chronically infected by this virus. 15-40 % of these individuals will develop serious complications - cirrhosis and cancer.  

42 million Indians suffer from Chronic Hepatitis B Infection. HBV is responsible for 60% of liver cancer cases in our country. Vaccination is a very effective method to prevent HBV infection, and thereby chronic Hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. 

MIOT Hospitals decided to take up the challenge of creating awareness among  school children and the public regarding HBV infection and the value of vaccination. When we visited schools in India, we were shocked to find that not even 1 % of school children have been vaccinated.  Our LIVER 4 LIFE campaign is an initiative to change this scenario and to work towards eradicating the infection. We started School Health Programmes and conducted a Health Quiz for schools in the city last Sunday. Fourteen schools with over 20,000 children conducted their own competitions and sent their best students for the finals which was held in the MIOT Auditorium.

Yellow Ribbon Clubs in schools and Yellow Brigades will continue to create awareness and will spread the message even in remote parts of our country. 

Today, July 31, we have organized a free Hepatitis B vaccination camp. 1,70,000 invitations have been sent to the public and 22,070 children in 13 schools have been given free coupons. We have arranged a Health Exhibition and a free Hepatitis B screening programme as well. 

MIOT Hospitals, through its Advanced Center for GI and Liver Diseases is committed to spreading this message to different parts of the country.