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As Per Nov, 2018

Files & Folder
Item Descriptions Brand Qty Price (Rs)

Box File AJS 2425

AJS No's 65.00 

Box File AJS 1465

AJS No's 82.00 

Box File NJS 1024

NJS No's 55.00 

Box File NJS 565

NJS No's 75.00 

Box Files Mattel Clip SVS 1505

SVS No's 65.00 

Box File Steel Clip SVS 1515

SVS No's 68.00 

Box File Steel Clip ABI

ABI No's 48.00 

Box File Steel Clip B2B

B2B No's 48.00 

Voucher File Steel Clip B2B

B2B No's 45.00 

Spring File Cobra

ABI No's 12.00 

Tag File

ABI No's 12.00 

A/4 L.M Folder

ABI No's 8.00 

A/4 L Folder Milky

ABI No's 9.00 

A/4 R.C.File

ABI No's 22.00 


ABI No's 8.00 

Ring File Plastic 2D Ring 1

ABI No's 68.00 

Punch Less File

ABI No's 65.00 

Visiting Card Album 240 Card

SVS No's 85.00 

Visiting Card Album 480 Card

SVS No's 14,500 

Visiting Card Album 500 Card File Type

SVS No's 380.00 

CD Albums 40CD

SVS No's 85.00 

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