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Computer Consumables

Last updated - May / 2024

Last updated - November 2023

Computer Consumables
Item Descriptions Qty Price (Rs)
Hp Toner Cartridge Q2612A (12A) Nos 4100.00
Hp Toner Cartridge CC388A (88A) Nos 3800.00
Hp Toner Cartridge CE278A (78A) Nos 3650.00
Hp Toner Cartridge CB436A (36A) Nos 3200.00
Hp Toner Cartridge CE285A Nos 3750.00
Hp Toner Cartridge CE260A Nos 8245.00
Hp Toner Cartridge CE310A Black Nos 2985.00
Hp Toner Cartridge CE311/12/13 C Y M Color Each 3239.00
HP Toner Cartridge 201A CF400A Black Nos 4150.00
HP Toner Cartridge 201A CF401A Cyan Nos 4850.00
HP Toner Cartridge 201A CF402 Yellow Nos 4850.00
HP Toner Cartridge 201A CF403A Magenta Nos 4850.00
Hp CZ107A Ink Cartridge (678 Black) Nos 525.00
Hp CZ108A Ink Cartridge (678 Color) Nos 525.00
Hp CB335Z Ink Cartridge (860 Black) Nos 1105.00
Hp CB337Z Ink Cartridge (861 Color) Nos 1295.00
Hp CN692A Ink Cartridge 704 Black Nos 525.00
Hp CN693A Ink Cartridge 704 Color Nos 525.00
Hp CD887A Ink Cartridge 703 Black Nos 520.00
Hp CD888A Ink Cartridge 703 Color Nos 520.00
Hp Ink Cartridge 685 Black Nos 535.00
Hp Ink Cartridge 685 C/Y/M Color Each 535.00

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