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As Per December 2021

CD Album
Item Descriptions Brand Qty Price (Rs)

Sony CD-R Without Case ( 100 Pac )

Sony Box 1,025.00 

Moser CD-R Without Case
( 100 Pac )

HP Box 975.00 

Moser Baer CD-R Without Case
( 100 Pac )

Moser Baer Box 900.00 

Moser Baer CD-R With Case

Moser Baer Nos 20.00 

Sony CD-R With Case

HP Nos 22.00 

Moser Baer CD-RW

Moser Baer Nos 36.00 

Sony CD-RW

TNPL Ream 38.00 

Moser Baer DVD-R

Moser Baer Nos 28.00 

Sony DVD-R

Sony Nos 30.00 

Moser Baer DVD-RW

Moser Baer Nos 50.00 


Sony Nos 55.00 

CD-R (10Pack)

Moserbaer Nos 12.00 

DVD-R (10Pack)

Moserbaer Nos 20.00 

Last updated - November 2022

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