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Pens Price List

Last updated - May / 2024

Last updated - October 2023

Pens & Pencils Price List
Item Descriptions Qty Price (Rs)

Cello Fine Gripper Pen

Nos 10.00 

Flair Pen

Nos 12.00 

Reynolds Bright Pen

Nos 7.00 

Rorito Gel Pen

Nos 35.00 

Cello Techno Tip pen

Nos 10.00 

Use & Throw Pen Kundan

Nos 4.00 

Nataraj Pen Use & Throw Pen

Nos 5.00 

Uni Ball Pen

Nos 54.00 

Luxor Sketch Pen

Nos 19.00 


Nos 30.00 

Permanent Marker Camlin

Nos 14.50 

White Board Marker Camlin

Nos 25.00 

Permanent Marker Rorito

Nos 25.00 

White Board Marker Rorito

Nos 19.00 

Paint Marker Camlin

Nos 50.00 

Paint Marker Sipa

Nos 50.00 

OHP Marker CD/DVD Marker Camlin

Nos 20.00 

Century’s Tex Marker

Nos 55.00 

Natraj Pencil

Box 33.00 

Apsara Pencil

Box 60.00 

Camel Pencil

Box 36.00 

Natraj Eraser

Nos 2.00 

Apsara Eraser

Nos 5.00 

Natraj Sharpener

Nos 5.00 

Apsara Sharpener

Nos 5.00 

Correction Pen

Nos 30.00 

Apsara Glass Marking Pencil

Nos 70.00 

Wality/Airmail 69A Large Dual Colour Acrylic Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Nos 878.00 

Wality/Airmail 70T Clear Acrylic Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Nos 585.00 

Wality/Airmail 71JB Jumbo Acrylic Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Nos 878.00 

Wality/Airmail 70 AM Premium Orange and Brown Acrylic Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Nos 732.00 

Wality/Airmail 69EB Ebonite Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Nos 1464.00 

Wality/Airmail 69T Clear Acrylic Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Nos 1171.00 

Wality/Airmail 71JT Jumbo Clear Acrylic Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Nos 1318.00 
Scale Price List
Item Descriptions Price (Rs)



Plastic 1 Ft


Steel 6"


Steel 1 Ft


Disclaimer : The prices mentioned here are may vary with accordance to retail markets in every area.

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