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Staplers, Stapler Pins & Punch Machine

As Per May, 2019

Staplers, Stapler Pins & Punch Machine
Item Descriptions Qty Price (Rs)

Stapler Machine Kangaroo No 10

Nos 28.00 

Stapler Machine Kangaroo HD10D

Nos 52.00 

Stapler Machine Kangaroo Hp 45

Nos 135.00 

Stapler Pin No 10 Kangaroo

Pkt 6.00 

Stapler Pin No 24/6 Kangaroo

Pkt 15.00 

Max Stapler Pin No 10

Pkt 8.00 

Max Stapler Pin No 24/6

Pkt 22.00 

Punching Machine DP280

Nos 45.00 

Punching Machine DP480

Nos 58.00 

Punching Machine DP500

Pkt 89.00 

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