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Printer Paper

As Per August, 2020

Printer Paper & Envelop Covers
Item Descriptions Qty Price (Rs)

A/4 JK Copier Paper 75 GSM

Packet 160.00 

A/3 JK Copier Paper 75 GSM

Packet 330.00 

F/C JK Copier Paper 75 GSM

Packet 215.00 

A/4 JK Easy Copier 70 GSM

Packet 148.00 

A/4 TNPL Copier 70 GSM

Packet 154.00 

A/4 TNPL Copier 75 GSM

Packet 159.00 

A/4 TNPL Copier 80 GSM

Packet 172.00 

A/4 JK Executive Bond Paper 85 GSM

Packet 335.00 

A/4 Ledger Paper 90 GSM

Nos 375.00 

F/C Ledger Paper 90 GSM

Nos 390.00 

A/4 Cedar Copier Paper 100 GSM

Nos 380.00 

Cloth Cover A/4

Nos 3.50 

Cloth Cover F/S

Nos 4.50 

Cloth Cover A/3

Nos 6.00 

Cloth Cover 18x14

Nos 11.00 

Cloth Cover Envelope 11x15

Nos 2.00 

White Color Envelope

Nos 0.75 

White Cover A/4 Size

set 2.25 

Brown Cover Envelope

Box 0.75 

Brown Cover A/4 Size

Box 2.00 

Disclaimer : The prices mentioned here are may vary with accordance to retail markets in every area.

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