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Remote Price List in Chennai

Tv Remote Price in Chennai
Product Name Price (Rs)
TN Government TV Remote Control 120.00  
Dzeal Compatible Remote For Set Top Box Tata-Sky 164.00  
Dish Tv Set top Remote Control 190.00  
LRIPL RM-L915 Remote Control 208.00  
Videocon D2h Remote 211.00  
Videocon D2h Recording Remote 249.00  
Onida CRT 115A/115D Remote Control 284.00  
Videocon D2H Remote For SD Set Top Box 300.00  
Samsung 208 AA59-00403E Remote Control 318.00  
Reliance Bigtv Remote 379.00  
LG Remote Control Compatible For LG LED 3D RMD-1666 489.00  
Panasonic Pana1 Remote Control 585.00  
Samsung AA59-00602A-COPY Remote Control (For Led) 630.00  
One For All Comfort URC-7120 Remote Control 799.00  
BN59-00996A Samsung tv remote control 1,899.00  
Sony RMF ED003 One-flick Remote Controller 2,293.00  

Air Conditioner Remote Price in Chennai
Product Name Price (Rs)
Chunghop BABA-1001 AC Remote Control 392.00  
Sharp Plus SP-1182 AC Remote (For LG/Onida) 499.00  
Samsung AC1 AC Remote Control 525.00  
LG Smart AC Remote (AKB72955306) 499.00  
Sharp Plus SP-1216 AC Remote (For LG) 550.00  
Sharp Plus SP-1066 Ac Remote (For Panasonic) 639.00  
Panasonic A75C2568 AC Remote 750.00  
Onida Ac Remote 750.00  
Sharp Plus SP-1188 AC Remote (For Videocon) 729.00  

Projector Remote Price in Chennai
Product Name Price (Rs)
SmartSlide A1/81 Presenter Remote 999.00  
Panasonic PT LW/LX Series Projector Remote 2,600.00  
Epson Replacement Projector Remote Control 2,700.00  
BenQ MP 515 Series Projector Remote Controller 2,700.00  
NEC RD-436E Projector Remote Control 2,822.00  
Sony Projector Remote Control 3,000.00  

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