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Musical Instrument PRICELIST

Musical Instruments Pricelist
Guitar Pricelist
Product Name Price (Rs)
 Rocks RT-1C MM Acoustic Guitar  3,950.00  
 Washburn WA90 Acoustic Guitar  7,000.00  
 Yamaha Acoustic Guitar FG650 MS SP  13,500.00  
 Takamine G340SC Dreadnought Guitar  22,600.00  
 Yamaha FG-720 S Acoustic Guitar  23,990.00  
 Yamaha Semi Acoustic Guitar APX500  25,990.00  
Keyboard Pricelist
 Casio Electronic Piano CDP-230RBK With Stand  35,090.00  
 Casio PX-160 BK Digital Piano With Casio Stand  37,795.00  
 Yamaha PSR-S670 Digital Keyboard  51,990.00  
 Roland E-A7 Expandable Arranger Keyboard  78,000.00  
 Yamaha Digital Piano DGX650  81,990.00  
 Yamaha Arius YDP142 Graded Hammer Piano  84,990.00  
 Korg Keyboard PA900 Professional Arranger  1,45,000.00  
Drums & Percussions Pricelist
 Djembe Drum Head 10 Inch  1,600.00  
 Djembe Drum Head 12 Inch  2,000.00  
 Meinl Percussion TCAJ1BK Travel Cajon  3,850.00  
 DB Percussion DLT-1314 Timbale  8,500.00  
 Alesis SR-16 Classic Drum Machine  11,900.00  
 Tama IP52BHH6_HLB Drum Set  44,900.00  
Dj Gear Pricelist
 Latin Percussion CP221DW Bongo  2,000.00  
 Toca Djembe SFDMX10BM  7,785.00  
 Meinl FMDJ-2MG Djembe  11,545.00  

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