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What is the need to consume fibre based foods and list of various foods with high fibre content!!

Posted on: 10/Jun/2024 1:14:05 PM

We must compulsorily eat fibres for the sake of our digestive health to be good plus for maintaining healthy body weight and to avoid chronic health issues etc. Consuming fibre based foods would help us to lower cholesterol levels. By this, our heart health would become better. Therefore, every day we must consume 25g to 30g of total dietary fibres as food. There are several foods that have got high dietary fibre content in them and these are

Intake of lentils:

How many of us know the fact that one cup of lentil would have 18gms of fibres? It is worthy to note that by consuming lentils we would be able to lower our cholesterol and boost our heart health.

Intake of kidney beans:

It must be noted that one cup of kidney beans has got 12 gms of fibres. Point is that kidney beans are also rich in protein and essential nutrients etc. Our gut health would get better when we eat kidney health plus there would be reduced risk of colon cancer also.

Intake of chickpeas:

Point is that a cup of chickpeas has 12gms of fibre. By consuming chickpeas, our body weight can be controlled as well as blood sugar could be kept in control.

Intake of chia seeds:

It must be taken into account that one cup of chia seeds has about 10gms of fibres. It is known that chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. By eating chia seeds, our digestive health would get boosted and we could avoid constipation etc.

Intake of potatoes:

About 3.6gms of fibres is present in medium sized potatoes. By consuming potatoes, our digestive system would be healthy plus we would be able to control our blood sugar levels.

Intake of oats:

It is true that by intake of oats our bad cholesterol levels would get lowered. Oats have 5gms of fibres in them and consuming oats would improve our heart health.

Intake of broccoli:

There are 5 gms of fibres present in one cup of broccoli. By eating broccoli, we could avoid inflammation plus we could have a healthy digestive system.

Intake of flaxseeds:

We would get 2gms of fibres from one tablespoon of flax seeds. These seeds have omega 3 fatty acids and lignans etc. When we consume flax seeds, our digestion would get boosted plus inflammation would get reduced.

Intake of apples:

We all like eating apples as they are very delicious. Truth is that apples have 4.5gms of fibres and by consuming them we would be able to lower cholesterol and manage weight etc.

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