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Know about the benefits and harmful effects of drinking sugarcane juice in the summer season!! 

Posted on: 08/Jun/2024 9:49:00 AM

Who doesn’t like drinking sweet and delicious sugarcane juice especially during the summer season?

It is true that people get huge relief from the unbearable heat when they drink natural coolers like fruit juice or sugarcane juice during the summer season. By drinking sugarcane juice especially in the summers, the lost electrolytes would get replenished. Our body would lose electrolytes during the summer season through excess sweating etc is well known.  

There are several nutrients present in the sugarcane juice and these are carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins A, B and C, minerals like potassium, zinc, iron, calcium and phosphorus etc. It also contains fibres plus antioxidants etc.

Recently, ICMR or Indian Council for Medical Research has advised in its guidelines regarding reducing the consumption of sugarcane juice. Though sugarcane juice is a refreshing beverage, the presence of high amounts of sugar in it could lead to few health issues.

Benefits of drinking sugarcane juice:

Energy booster:

The presence of natural sucrose in the sugarcane juice would provide us with energy. Point is that sugarcane juice intake would normalise the release of glucose in our body to regain lost sugar levels. We would feel hydrated and fatigue would be reduced.

Fights jaundice:

 It has been proved in Ayurveda that drinking sugarcane juice would help us to fight jaundice. Therefore, persons with jaundice can drink this juice.

Treats UTI and kidney stones etc:

When we drink this juice, toxins present in us would get eliminated. It must be noted that urinary tract infections or UTI and kidney stones etc can be treated by drinking sugarcane juice.

Improves digestion:

By drinking this juice, secretion of digestive juices would be there. It is worth noting that the juice is high in potassium and this would balance the pH of the stomach.

Immunity booster:

Our immunity would get better by intake of sugarcane that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants etc.

Good for skin:

Intake of sugarcane juice might help in moisturising the skin. This would make the skin glow. It is learnt that sugarcane juice is a superb remedy for anti ageing etc.

Harmful effects of drinking sugarcane juice:

Intake of sugarcane juice might lead to dizziness, weight loss etc. When we drink this juice in excess amounts then we could put on weight, tooth decay and increased blood sugar levels etc. It must be noted that the presence of polycocanal in sugarcane juice could result in insomnia plus headaches, stomach upset etc.


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