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Bone cancer - Are you aware of these important facts? take care

Posted on: 25/May/2024 9:32:08 AM

There are 206 bones present in our body and bone cancer can affect any of those bones. Sound`s shocking right!!

In some persons, unusual cells grow out of control or abnormally in the bones and this is bone cancer. Normal bone tissue would get destroyed by this growth. Bone cancer could either start from bones or could spread to bones from other parts of the body. Various symptoms of bone cancer are severe pain, swelling, feeling tired, high temperature or fever, weight loss etc.

Survival rate:

It is noteworthy that if the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues or organs etc then 5 year relative survival rate is 65percent.  Point is that if the cancer has spread to distant body parts then the 5 year relative survival rate is 26percent only.

Various bone cancer symptoms that we must know are

Persistent bone pain:

Persistent bone pain is one of the common symptoms of bone cancer. It is normal to get pain occasionally but in persons with bone cancer pain would be severe and persistent. Especially in the nights, pain becomes worse and unbearable also. The normal structure and functions of bone would get disrupted by the growth of cancer cells and this would lead to severe pain.

Swelling and lumps etc:

Persons who have bone cancer would have swelling and lumps etc. Truth is that swelling occurs near the affected area and it could be accompanied by a lump. When the bone cancer affects bones in arms, legs and pelvis etc, then swelling would be noticeable. The skin would become warm and red.

Easy fractures:

It is true that when a person has bone cancer then he or she would have weak bones. They could get bone fractures easily. Bitter fact is that the fractures could occur even while doing daily activities. Point is that the growth of cancerous cells would weaken the bone structure leading to fractures.

Fever and night sweats etc:

Less common symptoms like fever and night sweats also occur in those with bone cancer. Here, the body`s immune system would try to fight off cancer cells. Sleep would get disturbed by night sweats etc.

Reduced mobility:

When bone cancer occurs in the bones of legs, hips etc, then the mobility of the person would get affected. Movement becomes tough due to pain and structural damage due to cancer. It is noteworthy that reduction in mobility would lead to decreased ability to do daily activities.

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