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Always feeling hungry, then these could be the reasons!!

Posted on: 24/May/2024 9:19:10 AM

We all get hungry, don`t we?

There are some people who always feel hungry even after eating food. Point is that hunger might lead to issues like headaches, lack of concentration etc in us. It is believed that by staying hydrated and by consuming an adequate amount of proteins we would be able to control our hunger.

Some people would not feel the need or feel hungry to eat food for a long time and this could be due to many reasons. Our hunger is influenced by stress, blood sugar level changes etc.

Various reasons why we always feel hungry are

Lack of proteins:

By intake of sufficient quantities of proteins, we would be able to control our excessive hunger. It is noteworthy that when the protein levels are low our body would trigger hunger signals more frequently.

Lack of sound sleep:

For our body to function well, we must get sound sleep for atleast 6 hours every night. By not sleeping well, we would have hormonal imbalance. This would increase our hunger levels. Hormones that control our hunger would get affected by this.

Consuming excess refined carbs:

Uncontrolled hunger in us could also be due to excess intake of refined carbohydrates. So, please try to avoid consuming too much of refined carbohydrate foods like white bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits etc.

Poor water intake:

 It is true that consuming less quantities of water or dehydration could lead to excessive hunger. It would be possible to get rid of unnecessary hunger urges by drinking enough water.

Diabetes etc:

Another important cause for the persistent hunger could be due to diabetes also. Hence, it is necessary to check for diabetes condition. In those with diabetes, their bodies would not produce enough insulin and this would lead to high blood sugar levels in them. This can make the person feel more hunger.

Stress etc:

Stress can lead to many health issues in us and it can also make us to feel hungry always. Point to be noted is that during stress our body would release cortisol a hormone and this hormone would make us feel hungry.

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