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Swelling in these body parts will reveal the presence of fatty liver disease, take care!!

Posted on: 21/May/2024 9:01:39 AM

Building up of excess fat in the liver is called fatty liver disease or FLD and it is a life threatening issue. It is also known as hepatic steatosis. This liver issue can affect the quality of one`s life. When left untreated, FLD could develop into liver cirrhosis and this would lead to liver damage also. Excess intake of alcohol can cause fatty liver disease in us. Sometimes, factors like sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diabetes etc can also lead to non alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. It must be noted that the presence of fatty liver disease in us would lead to swelling of our body parts.

Various body parts that would swell are

Swelling in ankles or legs:

The increased pressure due to portal hypertension due to liver damage associated with FLD would result in water retention in the body or edema. The legs and ankles would have swelling.

Swelling in joints:

When a person has fatty liver disease then fluid would get accumulated around their joints making the joints stiff. So, please be careful

Swelling of abdomen:

Person with fatty liver disease would have a swollen abdomen and this is one common sign of FLD. In such a situation, he or she must consult a doctor and get their issue treated.

Swelling in the eyes:

Our eyes can swell due to various reasons like conjunctivitis, stress, due to blow etc and the presence of FLD is also a reason. Excess of fat would be revealed by swollen eyes. So, please take care.

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