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Are you aware of these health discomforts a pregnant mother can get?

Posted on: 16/May/2024 9:26:37 AM

A tiny cell gets nurtured into a fully grown foetus slowly!! Incredible right!!

Yes, it is true that pregnancy is a miracle of nature. Not every pregnant woman would have a smooth journey and the journey would have ups and downs. The challenges during pregnancy can be managed well by making some lifestyle changes.

Various common discomforts that a pregnant woman can get are

Acidity issues:

During pregnancy, a woman could get acidity issues. In this situation, the pregnant woman must avoid eating citrus fruits and oily, spicy foods etc. It is important to avoid lying down for atleast 1 hour after eating food. Keeping the head raised above while sleeping would be good for pregnant women.

Fatigue and tiredness:

Pregnant women would feel very tired and fatigued. It is necessary to take naps during the day. By going to bed early in the night could lower her fatigue.


Pregnant women can get backaches and that could be due to her growing belly and changing lumbar curvature etc. It is important to practise correct posture from the start of pregnancy. While sitting and sleeping, pregnant women must use supportive pillows. Doing stretching exercises etc would help a pregnant woman to manage back pain well.

Swelling in feet:

In the third trimester, the feet of pregnant women might swell up. In that situation, pregnant women must avoid sitting or standing for long hours. While sleeping, it is necessary to keep the legs raised above the pillow. Drinking water and staying hydrated is very essential.

Excess urination:

In the first and in the third trimester, increased urination is very common. It is important to avoid coffee, tea and other sugary drinks in the second half of the day. Doing pelvic floor exercises would be good.

Bowel issues:

A pregnant woman could face bowel based issues like constipation. The pregnant woman must increase roughage intake plus drink lots of fluids and keep her hydrated.

Fluctuations in mood:

Pregnant women would have mood fluctuations and it is common. It is necessary to practise relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation etc. Pregnant women must share their feelings openly with her partner and other family members etc.

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