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Health benefits of intake of prenatal vitamins and various important nutrients to be consumed by a pregnant mother!!

Posted on: 20/Apr/2024 9:19:35 AM

Covering the nutritional gaps in the diet!!

It is during the pregnancy only the consumption of essential nutrients becomes more important. Fact is that the intake of a healthy and well balanced diet would help in the development of the baby

Taking diet alone would not fulfil the nutritional requirements of a pregnant mother because during pregnancy the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals increases. In this scenario, doctors mostly recommend pregnant mothers to take prenatal vitamins. The baby would get all the essential nutrients that are needed for the healthy growth and development and this would be possible when a pregnant mother consumes prenatal vitamins.  It is noteworthy that these prenatal vitamins would cover the nutritional gaps in the diet.

There are several health benefits of consuming prenatal vitamins like

• By consuming prenatal vitamins, vegetarian pregnant mothers would get all the essential nutrients for their baby`s growth and development.
• The risk of birth defects would get lowered by consuming prenatal vitamins.
• Prevents iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant mothers
• Reduces the chances of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes etc.

Various essential nutrients that pregnant mothers must consume are:

Folic acid intake:

During and after pregnancy, mothers are advised to take folic acid without fail. Neural tube defects in the newborns would get reduced when the mother consumes folic acid during and after her pregnancy.

Calcium intake:

For proper development of bones and teeth etc in the newborns, calcium intake is a must for the pregnant mothers. This would help pregnant mothers from losing their bone densities.

Iron intake:

Pregnant mothers would have more possibilities of developing iron deficiency anaemia. Preterm delivery, low birth weight etc could be avoided by adding enough iron supplements to the diet. Optimal supply of blood and oxygen to the uterus would be there with iron intake.

Vitamin D intake:

During pregnancy, the mother must take vitamin D every day. Point is that vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium.

Proteins intake:

The requirement for protein would increase for the pregnant mother as her blood volume would increase and new tissues and new life are grown.

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